Welcome to a new Seminar of

Systemic Constellations Training Programm

You are cordially invited to join the BiH training group for systemic constellations facilitators led by Mr. Horst Brömer, psychologist, psychotherapist, supervisor and systemic constellations facilitator and trainer from Berlin. 


Systemic constellation work is a therapeutic technique primarily used in group therapy work. It has proved to be exceptionally effective in understanding trans-generational transfers of unresolved conflicts, traumas, experiences and emotions within a family system, thus offering an additional understanding of various forms of maladjusted behaviors. Systemic constellations are widely and effectively applied in organizations and work-related context. Organizational constellation work deal with the dynamics of enterprises and other organisations, the meaning of hierarchy and power, team-building and different aspects of leadership. 


The seminar is intended for: 

  • helping professionals (physicians, psychologists, social workers, pedagogues, theologians...) who do therapy work with clients/patients 
  • Other professionals (coming from business organizations, GO/NGOs, public sector, educational institutions etc.) who would like to be trained in application of constellation principles in work context. 

The training is based on the community of trainees who are learning together, identifying causes of and solutions to difficulties, problems or illnesses in their private or professional lives. Personal experience and constellations are at the focus. All participants in the training are given an opportunity to work on their personal or work-related issue. Through particular exercises and life questions, the training participants get familiarized with and learn basic theoretical and methodological principles of the technique. In order to preserve the group dynamics, the participants are expected to be in attendance throughout the whole seminar. 


All first-time participants may attend at the experiential level only, and decide after the seminar whether they will remain in the several years’ training. There is a possibility of hospitation. 

We shall engage in some of the following topics in the context of the complex living conditions in BiH at present day: 

  • Personal responsibility and empowerment; how to act in vague times; acceptance of what is as a challenge in the „now and here” 
  • Advantages of the constellation work in discovering difficult family relations and entanglements, especially in regard to the recent history on our country 
  • Detection of hidden rules of unhappiness, feelings of powerlessness to influence and make changes in one’s life 
  • Easing the burden of severe illness 
  • Transformation of any sort of dependence into appreciation and self- determination 
  • Detection of the strong support of new orientation and self-conviction and positive credo. 


The training program, in general, contains the following aspects: 

  1. Systemic constellations (SC) - Introduction 
  2. Development of SC 
  3. Family Therapy 
  4. Multi-generational approach (belonging, being included, the primacy of „the older“, „wholeness“) 
  5. Structure of SC 
  6. Phenomenological understanding and the meaning of „representatives“ 
  7. „Circular“ questioning in the initial interview 
  8. Finding the solution to a question/problem 
  9. Choosing the representatives and „the first picture“ 
  10. Processes in a SC (identifying entanglements and attachments, identifying partial family constellations, rituals of acknowledgments, boundaries, „giving back“, solutions) 
  11. „Good solutions“ 
  12. Various forms of SC 
  13. SC experiences regarding special themes and symptoms (e.g. divorce, accepting orders, disorders in family dynamics and structure, psychosomatic burdens, psychological burdens, the experience of violence, unresolved conflicts and its effects on the family, effects of secrets, lost family members, the involvement of family members in crimes, consequences of war) 
  14. SC in a business context 
  15. Indications and counter-indications for SC 
  16. Personal experience of the trainees 


The training will be held in English with translation to BHS languages.




October 30 - November 03, 2019

Thu 15 – 20

Fri 09 – 20

Sat 09 – 20

Sun 09 – 12



Hotel Hollywood

(#23 Mustafe Pintola St.,


Full-time participation

(Thu-Sun): 280 KM,


Part-time participation

(Fri-Sat): 200 KM, 

(Sat-Sun): 160 KM

Registration and further information: Ljiljana Milačak,


The training is recognized according to the training guidelines of the DGfS. After completion of the further training, the participants can apply for recognition as a system creator (DGfS) at the German Society for System Constellations if further requirements are met (see further training guidelines of the DGfS).


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