The Constellation Store

Please find here all my special knowledge in family and systemic constellations as an overview. 

You may ask me for further experiences and detailed informations, and how to arrange those constellations of your own interest. 

Individual psychotherapy sessions (single, couples, parents) and constellations can be booked in english.

  • Heart recovery

  • How to deal in a better way with cancer and other severe deseases

  • Psychosomatic troubles

  • Family disorders

  • Addiction and Co Addiction (one source is AA, another spirituality, a third one self reliance and abstinence in good self care)

  • Child in times, to support a child who lives in a difficult family situation and burdened sourrounding, to support a family to improve the child care and the social situation

  • Partnership
  • Failure detections and Misfunctioning of Systems
  • Team development
  • Family members looking for new perspectives in intimate family sessions
  • To earn what I deserve and: to become what I already am

  • Happiness
  • Psychic aspects of one´s daily life and behaviour: how to re-arrange everything
  • Dependency of „closed institutions“ and „sects“, how to overcome

Yo soy un psicólogo y terapeuta. 

Tengo formación en psicoterapia (Gestalt, Behaviour th.), soy especialista en constelaciones familiares.

Soy especializado en todas las temas.

  • adicciones
  • las relaciones entre matrimonios y parejas
  • aspectos psicosomáticos
  • tratamiento de problemas intrafamiliares y interfamliares


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You can contact me easily, we can talk in english, and we find a good answer to your question!